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Appeals Court Backs Google in Copyright Lawsuit Over Book Scanning

Fri, 2015-10-16 06:57
A federal appeals court in New York on Friday dismissed a lawsuit brought by an authors' group that accused Google Inc. of copyright infringement over its digital copying project.

AM Roundup: Drug Pricing in Spotlight

Fri, 2015-10-16 04:47
Law Blog rounds up the morning's legal news.

Panel Narrows List to 7 in Search for New York’s Next Chief Judge

Thu, 2015-10-15 13:05
The search for New York's next chief judge has been narrowed to seven names.

Jobless Grads Who Sued Law Schools Find More Rejection in Court

Thu, 2015-10-15 07:19
Back in 2011, disgruntled law school graduates thought they found a way to recover some of their bad investment—by suing their alma maters for alleged fraud. But courts have knocked out the suits one by one, including the dismissal last week of a suit in Florida.

U.K. Judge Says Bridge Isn’t a Sport

Thu, 2015-10-15 06:59
A U.K. high court judge dealt a serious blow to an effort by England’s bridge players to get the card game recognized as a sport.

AM Roundup: Feds Probe Daily Fantasy-Sports Operators

Thu, 2015-10-15 04:50
Law Blog rounds up the morning's legal news.

Justices Scrutinize Energy Demand Rule

Wed, 2015-10-14 13:43
The survival of an Obama administration rule controlling electricity demand was in doubt on Wednesday after Supreme Court justices considered whether a federal energy regulator overstepped its authority.

Court Weighs Limits of Marital Privilege in Love-Triangle Stabbing Case

Wed, 2015-10-14 11:46
A salacious murder case before Connecticut's high court asks whether marital privilege extends to couples whose unions are anything but holy.

Supreme Court Asks if Class-Action Lawyers Can Lose by Winning

Wed, 2015-10-14 07:56
A case getting a hearing before the Supreme Court on Wednesday asks whether a plaintiff can lead a class action even after the defendant offered to settle all his claims. As WSJ's Jess Bravin wrote earlier, the question in Campbell-Ewald Company v. Gomez is whether an individual can lead a class of plaintiffs when he was offered full restitution available under the law to settle a claim:

AM Roundup: Tough Sentencing Gets Tough Look

Wed, 2015-10-14 04:49
Law Blog rounds up the morning's legal news.

Punishment for Juror Who Disobeyed Judge: Lots of Jury Duty

Tue, 2015-10-13 10:59
A prospective juror in Florida who failed to follow a judge's instructions not to read about the defendant in an upcoming murder trial was punished with a lot more jury duty.

Judge Wants to Know: Is iPhone Unlockable?

Tue, 2015-10-13 08:57
A federal judge has invited Apple Inc. to file a legal brief on whether the company has the ability to disable the security of an iPhone that federal investigators are trying to access.

Executions in U.S. in 2015 Could Hit 24-Year Low

Tue, 2015-10-13 07:36
The number of deaths sentences carried out in the United States this year is likely to fall to a 24-year low, according to capital punishment researchers.

AM Roundup: Locked Smartphones Stump Investigators

Tue, 2015-10-13 04:41
Law Blog rounds up the morning's legal news.

Don’t Worry, Law Firms, Your Clients Still Want You

Mon, 2015-10-12 12:00
Law firms have been hearing for years about the shifting power dynamic within the legal community—one that has given in-house law departments the upper hand. But two new surveys of in-house lawyers indicate law firms may be regaining some lost ground.

Electric Skateboards Legalized in California, Reversing Ban

Mon, 2015-10-12 10:14
Electric skateboarders rejoice: you can soon ride in California in all legality.

FBI No Longer Checks Its Records for ‘Nonserious’ Crimes

Mon, 2015-10-12 10:05
The Federal Bureau of Investigation said it has stopped vetting arrest records it receives from states to determine whether they are serious enough for inclusion in a massive database used to conduct background checks.

AM Roundup: SEC Cuts Use of In-House Judges

Mon, 2015-10-12 05:30
Law Blog rounds up the morning's legal news

Gov. Christie Takes Eminent Domain Action Against Anti-Dune City

Fri, 2015-10-09 11:22
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's administration filed an eminent domain action against the small coastal city of Margate in Atlantic County whose residents have resisted his plan to construct massive dunes along the shore.

Old Writ Could Give Ex-Offenders a New Start

Fri, 2015-10-09 10:53
A federal case unfolding Brooklyn may offer a solution for some ex-offenders struggling to find work because of their criminal convictions.
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