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State of Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions

The State of Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions allows you to search and access information on business registration. The Corporations Bureau provides Electronic Filing services and information on Starting a Business.  In order to register a new corporation, visit the Corporations Home. You may search Uniform Commercial Code filings or login to file UCC documents online through the Secretary of State.


Corporations: The Business Services Division offers Business Registration instructions, forms & fees, certificate ordering & validation, and the ability to electronically file certain forms. (Forms, Fees & FAQ's)


Ÿ         Corporations Home

Ÿ         File Annual Reports Online

Ÿ         Request a Certificate of Status Online


Uniform Commercial Code (UCC): Operates a filing and retrieval center for UCC financing statements at the state level. You may Access UCC Filings and Searches from here. (UCC Home, Fees & Forms)


Ÿ         File UCC Documents Online

Ÿ         Search UCC Filings Online


Trademarks: Registers trademarks, service marks & trade names to distinguish goods, services or businesses from those of another.


Ÿ         Trademarks/Trade Names Home


Search Engines:


Ÿ         Search Corporate Records

Ÿ         Trademarks Search


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