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question My license were suspended back in 2005 due to an accident. The lawyer that had them suspended is retired and have no idea how to handle this. I take care of my 88 year old dad and I need to drive him to different places, so I need my license badly. W ... Other, Government
question If a storage locker location sales your property and all of your personal records were stored in it, does the personal papers containing your social security numbers, id's and stuff be made available to get back? ... Landlord Tenant Law, Civil Rights Law, Business and Commercial Law, Government, Other
question Wwhat are the forms needed to five a civil action when social security disability benefits have been denied. I have gone through the entire process including the administrative law judge hearing and then submitting an appeals to the appeals council ... Government
question The child support agency is taking twice the amount there supposed to how can I stop them ... Other, Government, Divorce and Family Law
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question My son broke his wrist at school Friday and I did not get a call from a teacher or school to let me know what happen. What can I do or do I have a case against the school? ... Other, Government, Personal Injury
question I am currently unemployed and am being taken to court for unpaid city taxes for the city of Chardon Ohio. I was making payments on back taxes until I lost my job and was advised to consult with an attorney. I cannot afford an attorney what are my opt ... Government, Business and Commercial Law, Bankruptcy Law
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