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question my husband is deceased but his name is stiil on the mortgage. His will was never probated. What happens when I sell the house? ... Other
question Hello, I have a question regarding revocable trusts (living trust?). Do they need to be filed with any governmental agency to be valid or just notarized? Thanks. ... Other
question How can I meet with a lawyer to discuss options for a pending lawsuit? ... Bankruptcy Law, Other
question I live in North Carolina is there any free legal help for criminal record expungements. I was falsely accused and have no means to afford legal help. ... Other, DUI and Criminal
question I am planning on suing an incorporated business in small claims court. I read that it is more complicated than suing an individual. What is different? What do I need to know? Thank you. Have a beautiful day ~ ... Other
question My parents died without a will. Only inheritance is a family home to share between 2 children... What do we do ? ... Other
question do i need an attorney to do the paperwork to establish general durable power of attorney over my mother? ... Other
question Can I have someone serve my ex instead of serving his lawer ... General Legal Resources, General Litigation, Other
question small claims collection Other
question If you receive a judicial foreclosure what should you do now? ... Other
question I have a durable power of attorney and a health care directive that were created in Washington state. Are they valid and binding in Oregon? ... Other
question I won a small claims judgment against a business. The business has really no assets to go after. Is the owner of this business also responsible for payment of my judgment award? Thank you. ... Other
question I am going to a sue a diamond-bar based contractor for damaging my sprinkler. Can i include my travel costs for small claims court attendance in my claim? ... Other, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
question I lent $1500.00 to a person to get out of jail in January/2012. I have a receipt from the bailbondsman. This person will not answer nor return my calls. Can I sue this person in Harris County Small Claims Court? ... Other
question Am I responsible for damage? Other, Civil Rights Law, Divorce and Family Law
question I filed a request and writ or periodic garnishmentto satisfy a small claims judgement. It has been ignored by the garnishee and the defendant. What can I do now? ... Other
question What can i do if the father is behind on child support payments? and misses most of his schedule weekends? ... Other, family custody, Divorce and Family Law
question What can I Post In My Own Blog Without Being Sued by a Doctor or Hospitial ? Help ... Other, Business and Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, Personal Injury
question What can you do if you feel you are being harrassed in a school by the faculty and students sabotaging my grades? ... Personal Injury, Civil Rights Law, Government, Other
question Hello. Thank you for this service. I was inquiring about Unemployment Insurance claims. I was wrongfully terminated and accused of something that never occured. I was eligable and then ineligable for UI benefits, yet never received cash assistance or ... Personal Injury, Employment Law, Civil Rights Law, Government, Other
question what is the percentage someone payroll check can be garnished ... Other
question My grandaughter is a single mother. She lives with me (her grandmother) and doesn't have a job and any means for hiring of an attorney. Paternity has been proven and now the issue of visitation for the 7 month old child has arisen. The patern ... Other, Divorce and Family Law
question My information has been compromised. Divorce and Family Law, Personal Injury, Other
question I am 63 years old and had made a repayment plan with my mortgage company. I had spoken with a lady named TJ and made the plan with a man named Daniel. I explained that the money for the first two payments would be acceptable. Now they say that I nega ... Other, Business and Commercial Law
question If I have evidence to show that I paid for a rent without any writen agreement,can some one reclaim his deposit? from a landlord? ... Other
question I work for an organization that works with individuals with developmental disabilities. We maintain confidential files which contain medical, psychological, social history type information, among other things. My question is this: A client lives w ... Other, Business and Commercial Law, Civil Rights Law, Personal Injury
question My minor child is disabled and I been fighting for her disability and I need a lawyer ... Other
question had someone post on craigslist a harrassment about me and my wife,claiming that ia m a child molester, wanted in florida for said crimes,we mistreat our help.etc. I am not a sex offender nor there is no one with my name as a sex offender in florida. ... Other, Business and Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, other accident, Personal Injury
question My license were suspended back in 2005 due to an accident. The lawyer that had them suspended is retired and have no idea how to handle this. I take care of my 88 year old dad and I need to drive him to different places, so I need my license badly. W ... Other, Government