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Divorce is what it is. Three quarters of marriages end in divorce, making it one of the most common experiences of all Americans. Unfortunately, the process is stressful, and those going through it feel isolated. The legal system related to divorce is confusing and varies by state and county. Divorce attorneys appear to be expensive. Those going through divorce are emotional and frustrated by their spouse, their isolation and the inability to get answers. Many divorces are settled amicably between spouses simply by reviewing a sample divorce settlement agreement. However, many attorneys have created form kits and information packets that they sell for a reasonable price as well. This information can empower you, whether you are the spouse who feels out of control of the situation or not.

Freelegalaid has categorized family and divorce law by state, covering all 50 states. Here are quick links to a few:

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In addition, Freelegalaid has categorized divorce law resources into different content types.

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Each state has its own state-specific divorce laws. Each county has its count-specific court forms. But, once you have the resources to understand your options and gain an insight into the process, you will be much better equipped to look at filing your own forms, or using a paralegal service to file your forms.

For more general resources on Family Law, offers many additional resources. Click here for more divorce help.