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question Hello. Thank you for this service. I was inquiring about Unemployment Insurance claims. I was wrongfully terminated and accused of something that never occured. I was eligable and then ineligable for UI benefits, yet never received cash assistance or ... Personal Injury, Employment Law, Civil Rights Law, Government, Other
question a friend of mines supervisor persued a sexual relationship with my friend, after declining the advances eventually my friend entered into the relationship. the supervisor promised to leave their spouse, but after a year my friend broke off the affai ... Business and Commercial Law, Employment Law
question Broken restraining order Other, Government, Divorce and Family Law
question my husband and i have cutody of his son he is suppose to go back for the summer. we mailed in an emergency motion and a regular motion to not have his son go out there for multiple reason. Its not in the system that its filed and he is suppose to lea ... Divorce and Family Law, family custody
question Why do I have to pay taxs on a mobile home i own i don't own the lot i pay lot rent? ... Government, Landlord Tenant Law
question My employer removed my W-2 from my office and is keeping it at his home. He wouldn't tell me why, but refuses to return them. I don't know where he lives, who has access, or what measures are being taken to protect my identity. I'm rea ... Employment Law
question ...mich9ha family custody
question Who can I talk to concerning a parole violation and what I can do as far as being placed in a treatment program instead of going back to prison ... Other
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