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question i need help filling out my divorce packet and filing it. i dont work so i cant afford a lawyer. The husband lives in Texas now with the child and wont send him to visit me until we have a legal agreement between us. Can you help me? ... Divorce and Family Law
question I livr in florida. I need to file for divorce and child custody but have not been able to for finacial reasons. What can I do ... Divorce and Family Law
question My landlord has not fixed anything in my house. We have had numerous leaks and floors are weak my family is always sick from the mold. If I refuse to pay rent due to this how quickly can he evict me and my family ... Landlord Tenant Law
question If my husband and I are still married without custody order, and my oldest daughter wants to live with me, can I take her without his permission ... Divorce and Family Law
question If I can't afford a divorce attorney fee at this time, yet want a divorce, can I get a legal separation while I save for the fees (consultation & retainer) charged by most divorce attorneys? ... Divorce and Family Law
question someone is harrassing me ... Other, Assault Battery, assault and battery, Personal Injury
question I signed a lease for a condo that due to circumstances I can't move into, the landlord refuses to give me my deposit back, can I sue? I live in palm county, the condo is in broward which court do I go to? ... Landlord Tenant Law
question i had a fight with my girlfriend DUI and Criminal, domestic partnership, Divorce and Family Law
question What I will need to file bankruptcy ... Bankruptcy Law
question I worked at a 100+ condo units that was ran by an association. I worked on a 1099 but was told when to come to work and when to leave and what to do doing my day. So I know that they where paying me wrong. Well the president calls meeting every month ... Personal Injury, Employment Law
question what can you do when your lawyer that you have retained for $4000 is advising you to give the husband whatever it is he wants? there is a minor child involved who has never been around the father as he was deployed since before the childs birth. ... Divorce and Family Law
question I am writing regarding non-payment of a 5,000 loan that I made to a friend in Aug. '08.I am considering taking this to small claims court and have a few questions before I do this.The last payment I received was a check dated 4/25/12 tha ... Other
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