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question I do not know what kind of lawyer I need. We got hired to work on a orchard so that's employment but we are dealing with a lot of poisons that hurt us and also we are renting a house that is located on the orchard so that's landlord issues, any advic ... Employment Law, Landlord Tenant Law, Other
question Return of Security Deposit. Do I have to file in the county where the property is located or the county in which the landlord lives? ... Landlord Tenant Law
question wev purchased a dog from a rescue in spring texas the dog was sold to us as an animal that had been treated for heartworms and was free of them. upon arriving in California it had urinary infection cracked incisor tooth and most disturbing upon bloo ... Other
legal_form Short Form Patent License Intellectual Property, Patent Law
question Indemnification concerns Other
article Legal Separation: The Last Hope to Save Your Marriage Divorce and Family Law, divorce
article The Automated Ticketing Bias Against Motorcyclists in California auto accident, other accident, DUI and Criminal, Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
article Divorce And The Contested Child Custody Case: What To Expect As A Parent Divorce and Family Law, family custody, divorce
article The Legal Guide to Post-Accident Trauma Personal Injury, other accident
article 4 Smart Ways to stay away from Faulty Products Personal Injury
article Top Things you need to know before you file for Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Law
article What Happens If You Run Out Of Money During a Personal Injury Claim Personal Injury
article Birth Injuries in California Personal Injury, other accident
article California Law – Child Safety Seats Personal Injury, auto accident
article Tools for E-Discovery - Conquering the pursuit of electronic evidence Other
question I'm a low income female who needs help getting her criminal record cleared so I can get a job when I graduate college...I live in Torrance california.Do you have any legal professionals in my area ... DUI and Criminal
article California Family Code Section 3042 Gives Children a Voice of Preference But When Should the Judge Listen? Divorce and Family Law, family custody
question What to do in a legal separation after 31 years of marriage? ... Divorce and Family Law
question How does my husband go about getting a public defender? ... DUI and Criminal, Other
question the statute for oral contracts in small claims court is 2 years. Is that 2 years from the date of inception or 2 years from the breach it the contract is longer than 2 years? ... Other
question My brother died recently, without a will.He was never married, and had no kids.He has property and,monies in the bank, and from a law-suit he won against his employer. I need information on how to go forward with 'probate', papers to become the conse ... Other, Probate, Trusts & Estates
question My landlords put our house up for sale and gave us a month to move are they responsible to help pay for any of our move? We were given little notice and coming up with first months rent on our new place and deposit has crushed us financially. ... Landlord Tenant Law
question married in another country Divorce and Family Law
question Does California Courts allow punitive damages in small claims cases? ... Personal Injury, Other
question Don't know my court date? ... DUI and Criminal
question What does separate property mean ... Divorce and Family Law
question My mom has paid off her mortgage what does she need to file with the county recorder and she wishes to pass down the home to her two children when dies. What additional forms if any need to be filed? ... Other
question Is There Help Available for an eviction problem? ... Landlord Tenant Law, wrongful eviction
question I need to answer a lawsuit and I need to know if the pld-010 form is the proper one to use? ... Business and Commercial Law
question i want to know about grandparents rights. visitation ... Divorce and Family Law


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