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question Is there a way to find out if divorce papers were filed if I do not have the assigned number by a court? The mediator who was a lawyer was disbarred recently and refuses to return my text messages and I am not sure how to verify that they were filed ... Divorce and Family Law
legal_form Short Form Patent License Intellectual Property, Patent Law
article What To Do If You Are Accused of DUI DUI and Criminal, DUI (DWI)
article Immigration Hurdles for Bringing a Partner into the UK Other
question do you get served eviction papers ... Landlord Tenant Law
legal_resource Pro Bono Program - Albany Law School General Legal Resources
question Dear Legal Aid, Can I , as a tenant withhold rent in the case of lack of heat for a month prior to Hurricane Sandy? Also no locks on doors to building and no hot water for 6 weeks in August/September. I have a month to month lease agreement. At one t ... Landlord Tenant Law
question I live in a rental house that is being foreclosed, but my landlady said she was filing for bankrupcy to stop the foreclosure,and I shouldn't worry. Can bankrupcy stop the foreclosure? ... Bankruptcy Law
question I was arrested several years ago for insurance fraud, convicted and promised a class E felony. When all was said and done they gave me aClass D felony. How does this affect me versus a Class E? ... Other
question If we do our own prenuptial agreements does it have to go to a lawyer or be filed somewhere to be binding in a court of law. ... Divorce and Family Law
question In New York State am i required to make child support payments for a child 21 yrs old and attending college ... Divorce and Family Law
article What Your Employer Won't Tell You About Workplace Injury Claims Personal Injury, workplace injury
article How to Obtain a Green Card Pardon if you are Undocumented Immigration, permanent residency
question What can I Post In My Own Blog Without Being Sued by a Doctor or Hospitial ? Help ... Other, Business and Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, Personal Injury
question I need to find an attorney for a custody case. Where can I go to get help in the Bronx? ... Divorce and Family Law
question is it legal for a florida company doing business in ny charge a daily interest fee on a auto title loan ... Contracts Law, Business and Commercial Law
question i need a lawyer but have no money or very little. have a case with my sister taking custody of my son ... Divorce and Family Law, Civil Rights Law, Government
article Lemon Law New York Other
legal_resource New York Better Business Bureau Other
article Lemon Law New York City Other
legal_resource New York City Department of Consumer Affairs Other
legal_resource New York City Civil Court, Walk-In Services at the Help Center Personal Injury
article Auto Accident New York City Attorney auto accident
legal_resource New York State Bar Association Lawyer Referral and Information Service General Legal Resources
article Bankruptcy Attorney New York City personal bankruptcy
legal_resource Southern District of New York Bankruptcy Court personal bankruptcy
article Filing for Bankruptcy in New York personal bankruptcy
legal_resource United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York personal bankruptcy
article New York Service of Process Requirements General Legal Resources


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