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legal_form Short Form Patent License Intellectual Property, Patent Law
question We are considering an interstate adoption. Which state laws must we comply with...TN or the state in which the baby was born? Also, which state will be responsible for the home study & final hearing?Thank you. ... adoption
question Is there a number that I can call to understand this better and get help ... Divorce and Family Law
question A person is suing the company I work for and he quit from last week for creating a hostile work environment and gave them my name aa witness that may or may not have heard somethings that were said. I do not want to get involved. Do they have to have ... Other
question How do I petition the court for paternity to prove my husband is not the father of my child? ... Divorce and Family Law
question child custody Divorce and Family Law, divorce, family custody
question Am I responsible for damage? Other, Civil Rights Law, Divorce and Family Law
question The office in my apartment complex has lost my rent check. I gave it to an office employee inside the office. They say that often employees put the checks inside the outside drop box. And they have had problems of people stealing checks from said d ... Business and Commercial Law, Landlord Tenant Law
question Can a last will and testament be handwritten? Does it have to be notarized to be legal? ... Divorce and Family Law
question I am a first time offender of child abuse for bruising my girlfreind's daughters foot after stepping on it to show her how she had hurt her teacher when she attacked her the day before. I did not know I bruised her foot until I was arrested the ... Assault Battery, Violent offenses, Other, DUI and Criminal, Divorce and Family Law, Personal Injury
article Lemon Law Memphis Other
legal_resource Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, Consumer Affairs Division Other
article Injury Attorney Memphis Personal Injury
legal_resource Shelby County Civil Division Personal Injury
article Auto Accident Memphis Attorney Personal Injury
legal_resource Memphis Bar Association General Legal Resources
legal_resource Terry Smart, Jr., Esq. Other
legal_resource Wendy Villafana, Esq. Practicing Attorney Other
legal_resource Roland Robert Lenard, Esq. Attorney at Law Other
legal_resource Fred Ford, Esq. Ford and Associates Attorneys at Law Other
legal_resource N. Craig Brigsten, III, Esq. The Smart Rosenberg House Other
legal_resource Rehim Babaoglu, Esq. Allison Wannamaker Esq. Thomason Hendrix Harvey Johnson and Mitchell Other
article Tylenol Recall in Tennessee Personal Injury
article Mesothelioma in Tennessee Personal Injury
article Tennessee Citizenship Immigration
article Family Law: Tennessee Paternity Divorce and Family Law
article Paternity Basics in Tennessee Divorce and Family Law
article Tennessee Wrongful Termination Employment Law
article Tennessee Sexual Harassment Employment Law
article How to Form an LLC in Tennessee Incorporation


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