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legal_form Short Form Patent License Intellectual Property, Patent Law
question I purchased a vehicle prior to getting married. The loan and title are in my name only. Is it considered a marital asset now? ... Other
question if under duress i sign a agreement to pay 125/mo until 7500 is paid. is that an enforcable contract. duress beiing the person would not leave my home unless i signed the agreement. ... Other
question Can a pre-nup be simplified? Can a pre-nup have different tears added to the property, meaning after 5, 7 or 10nyears of marriage the pre-nup change to include more rights for properties listed. ... Divorce and Family Law
question what if your ex spouse does not pay court order settlement amount by due date? ... Divorce and Family Law
question im not working and my husband thur me out and im staying with a girl and want a divorce is there anyway i can get a free divorce. ... Divorce and Family Law
question We found out we have bedbugs, we also found out a prior tenant had them before our landlord is now saying there was never a bedbug incident what can we do to recoup our loses ... Landlord Tenant Law
legal_resource Legal Aid Services Other
legal_resource ABC Legal Services Other
legal_resource gross legal services Other
legal_resource Alaska Legal Services Corp--WI Live Other
legal_resource Center for AIDS assistance Other
legal_resource Day Center for the Homeless Other
legal_resource Iowa Test Org Other
legal_resource Bronx Legal Services Other
legal_resource Bronx Legal Services - North Office Other
article Wisconsin Citizenship Immigration
article Family Law: Wisconsin Paternity Divorce and Family Law
article Wisconsin Wrongful Termination Employment Law
article Child Support and Visitation in Wisconsin Divorce and Family Law
article How to Incorporate in Wisconsin Incorporation
article How to Form an LLC in Wisconsin Incorporation
article Prenuptial Agreements in Wisconsin prenuptual and postnuptual
article Wisconsin Child Custody Laws Divorce and Family Law, family custody
legal_form Short Form Settlement and Release Commercial Law
legal_form Shareholder's Agreement Corporate
legal_form Settlement and Release Agreement General Legal Resources
legal_form Purchase of Privately Held Stock Corporate
legal_form Independent Contractor Agreement Corporate
legal_form Incentive Stock Option Plan Corporate


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