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How to Get Custody of a Child in Arizona | Phoenix Family Lawyer In most cases during a Divorce in Arizona with children, when a "Petition for Dissolution" is filed, there is also a request for "Temporary Orders" regarding "Child Custody". These are filed in order to maintain the status quo of where the children will live.

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Child Support and Visitation in Arizona

In Arizona, the courts follow Arizona Revised Statutes Chapter 25, Titles 320, 322, and 505.01 to determine how much support is appropriate.  The factors are outlined explicitly as (1) the financial needs of the child; (2) the financial resources and needs of the custodial parent; (3) the standard of living during the marriage; (4) the physical and emotional condition of the child; (5) the child’s educational needs; (6) the financial resources of the non-custodial parent; and (7) the duration of parenting time and related expenses. check to learn more.

Child Custody in Arizona

When a couple divorces and there is a minor child involved, an Arizona divorce decree will specify who has physical custody as well as legal custody of the child. In Arizona, there are typically several different custody arrangements that may be made for children of divorced parents. In most cases, courts will award physical custody to one parent with whom the child will live most of the time. check to learn more.