Joint Custody and How Custodial Rights are Established


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Joint Custody and How Custodial Rights are Established

The reality is that custody has to do with decision-making, and ultimately very little to do with where your children live. Essentially, this means you could have joint, or even sole custody of your child or children, and spend very little to no time with them. Practically speaking, parents with sole or joint custody do, in fact, spend significant time with their child or children after separation, but I wanted to illustrate to you the difference between custody and residency.

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Child Custody in California

When determining child custody, the court shall consider the following thing: (1) the health, safety and welfare of the child; (2) any history of abuse by either party seeking to secure custody; (3) the nature and amount of contact the child has had with either parent; (4) any illegal use of controlled substances or habitual or continual use of alcohol by either parent; however, any allegations to the foregoing must be corroborated with reports from a state agency. check to learn more.

Divorce And The Contested Child Custody Case: What To Expect As A Parent

There are few life events as stressful as divorce, but those involving children are among the most stressful. Even when both parties agree on what is best for the children, hashing out the details of child custody and support can be difficult and sometimes altogether impossible for the parents involved. check to learn more.

Child Support and Visitation in California

The child support order generally mandates both the frequency of payments and the amount that the supporting parent must pay to the supported parent for the purpose of providing for their child.  Since there is no streamlined way of establishing child support, most states have their own formulas for determining how much child support is to be paid. check to learn more.