Joint Residency Agreement

Joint Residency Agreement

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Okay kids, if you want to be together and reap all the benefits, but you don't want the hassle of diamond rings, weddings, or mothers-in-law, here's a potential solution: a joint residency agreement.  Cohabitation can be fun, but you want to avoid trying to evict each other when the going gets tough. 

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WHEREAS, ________________ and ___________, are residing together or intend to reside together in the future;


and, WHEREAS, they desire to affix their respective rights and liabilities that may result from this joint residency;


and, WHEREAS, they have fully and completely disclosed to one another their current financial status including assets and liabilities;


and, WHEREAS, they each have had an opportunity to consult with separate counsel of their own choice or such other advisor as each independently wishes to consult;



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