Yuba County District Attorney


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For prosecuting crimes in Yuba county.  Report crimes committed in the Marysville, Wheatland, and surrounding areas to this office.


Yuba County District Attorney
215 5th Street
95901 Maryville , CA
United States
Phone: 530-749-7770
Fax: 530-749-7363
California US


civil rights have been jepardized in botched report(s)

in court report(s) presented in my adult daughters case in san diego county are unsubstanted assumptions or comments cut/pasted from  narrative in case files from HHSD CPS APS County Probation dept. Information was requested during a background check for my adult daughter; however included background information regarding myself, my fiance, my fiance's sister/mother, my ex-sister in law. The cut/pased information, without a doubt, caused a hardship for my adult daughter in her case. Iti is reasonable for me to assume that it has and will continue to cause hardship for myself as well. i believe that the information would alter decisions made by persons or agencies against me, which would be against my rights to have equal opportunity to live in this country without being slandered or harrassed. i am sending this to legal aid as the first step in the process of protecting my right to privacy, protecting my right to live without being harrassed, protecting my right to be treated equally in the UnitedStates of America. I should also add the fact that i am not on probation or parole now, or ever.  i am eager to get through this process as quickly as possible, as it is a factor in the ongoing case belonging to my daughter in san diego county and the well being and best interests of my grandchildren are at stake. i apprediate your immediate response to this matter and thank you for your time.