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Legal Aid Foundation of Long Beach. 110 Pine Avenue, Suite 420 Long Beach, CA 90802-4421. Office: (562) 435-3501. Service Area: Los Angeles (Greater Long Beach and Los Angeles Harbor areas)


Legal Aid Foundation of Long Beach
110 Pine Avenue, Suite 420
90802-4421 Long Beach , CA
United States
Phone: (562) 435-3501
California US


After Foreclosure Paperwork Help

I received notice that paqperwork has been filed with the courts for surplus funds from my foreclosure last December.  Is it possible for me to meet with someone who can explain what this paperwoek meabns and provide me with guidance,  Sincerely, Arthur Bohlmann

eviction step

Looking for a CA statute for: vagrant/squatter/tenant who is in process of being evicted from our duplex. Paperwork filed, she just responded with her answer, and we're awaiting court date. She has turned the front yard into a junk yard, bringing in 3 picnic tables, added to the large one of ours, plus a complete living room set, and close to 100 potted plants. Our dogs cannot maneuver, nor us, and there should be a warning citation issued next week over this unsightly yard. QUESTION: can warnings, tickets, etc..that issued hasten an eviction process? What about incessant dog barking? Thanks, J

is it against the law for a

is it against the law for a Loan Officer to be married to the contractor who performed work on my house? i feel like i was over charged and taken advantage of.