Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial Agreement

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This is an example of a prenuptial agreement, or a prenup. This legal document is a written contract that members of a couple enter into prior to marriage that generally lists all of the property that each person possesses and details what each person's property rights will be subsequent to the marriage.

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______________, referred to as the prospective husband, and ______________, referred to as the prospective wife (hereinafter the prospective husband and prospective wife may be referred to individually as “Party” or jointly as the “Parties”), agree:


Purpose.  The Parties contemplate marriage and desire to fix their respective rights and entitlements regarding each other's property.  Each party has acquired property prior to marriage, (hereinafter “separate property”), the nature and extent of which is disclosed in full in the statements of assets and liabilities, exhibits 1 and 2 attached to this agreement.  The parties set forth in this Agreement their respective rights in and to all property either owned at the date of their marriage, and in and to all property they may acquire either separately or jointly after marriage.  They also set forth rights regarding spousal support/maintenance.  


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