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I would like to let you know

I would like to let you know of the murder of a Hispanic teen in Denver last week that has gone uncharged by our DA. Beth McCann. Here is a second letter I have sent to 2 senators, city council, LULAC, the ACLU, two civil rights attorneys, Servicios de la Raza, and several other parties in the hope that they will expose this obvious racial discrimination and legal travesty. Please take the time to read the links, watch the Atlanta video, and come to a decision as to what your agency's response will be. Please let me know and indicate if you are willing to work with others to form a coalition to fight for Alexis. Thank you very much on behalf of all of us.

Subj: Can you compare and contrast?

In relation to our Alexis Mendez-Perez murder and the Rayshard Brooks murder:

I see the parallels:
Victim posed no threat to the shooter
Victim was running away
Victim was more than 15 feet from the shooter
Victim was a person of color

I see the differences:
Shooter was a civilian with a gun permit
Shooter did not call 911 even though a patrol car was on its way to the attempted B & E scene nearby.
Shooter had no reason to suspect that the victim was armed

Compare and contrast with Fulton County, Georgia:
The Georgia incident happened in Atlanta with large press coverage following protests
The Colorado incident happened in Denver with little press coverage and no public protest
Fulton County GA set $100 million bail for officer who shot Brooks
Denver's DA set no bail for citizen who shot Mendez
Fulton County GA's DA produced the evidence in the case and his reasoning
Denver DA's chooses to seal the case with no real evidence to make a sound decision
Fulton County GA's DA filed murder and aggravated assault charges against the officer who shot Brooks and assault charges against the other officer
Denver DA isn't even considering charges
Fulton County GA's DA made a statement to the entire world about the case, the evidence and his decision
Denver's DA is preventing the courts, the public and advocacy groups from learning the truth about the incident.

Here again is the link to the Post article.

I am also including a link to Ms. Maes's response on behalf of the ACLU offering no action or solution.

Finally, if you haven't seen it, is the link to MSNBC's coverage of the Brooks shooting: Pay attention to the questions of the DA about the incident to gauge the response of the public to yet another murder of an unarmed man of color.

I and many others would like to know your response. Justice must prevail.