Colorado State of Mind- Colorado Child Support


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Colorado State of Mind- Colorado Child Support

What are your views on the estimated 31,000 non-custodial parents in Colorado who are out of compliance with court orders to take care of their children?

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Colorado Child Custody

According to Colorado law, custody "may be awarded to either parent based on the best interest of the child, and shall consider all relevant factors." Colorado courts often require all divorcing parents with minor children to complete a mandatory parenting class before granting a divorce. Check to learn more.

Child Custody in Colorado: Best Interests of the Child

When divorcing parents can’t agree on a parenting plan and instead come into a Colorado court for a decision on parenting arrangements, judges base their decisions on the best interests of the children. Check to learn more.

Child Custody / Parenting Time

The reality of parenting time in Colorado is that mothers still tend to win more "custody battles" than fathers, but the playing field is more equal now than ever before. As a child gets older, he/she has more input into which parent exercises child custody in Colorado. Check to learn more.

Child Custody

This page will help you learn about Allocation of Parental Responsibilities, the rules & laws in Colorado, case filing form & fee requirements, available services in Colorado, common legal terms & frequently asked questions. Check to learn more.