Immigration Advice – Student Visa Application: What To Expect


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Immigration procedure is constantly being amended in the UK, and it’s vital when applying for a visa to enter into the UK that all the correct paperwork must be submitted within the given timescales. There are numerous different UK visa routes available depending on the individual or family’s circumstances and purpose of the visit and also the length of time the applicant intends to stay in the UK. Immigration solicitors can be hired to help with the visa process and provide immigration advice and guidance if required.


Those wishing to study in the UK must have a confirmed place at a UK university prior to applying for a visa. There are a number of different types of student visa available and advice is on hand to help applicants choose the right type of visa to suit their circumstances and visa needs. Upon arrival in the UK after a student visa has been granted, students must present a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies number (CAS) and the correct required medical documentation at border control. All terms and conditions of the visa must be adhered to in order for it to remain valid for its entire duration. Anyone found overstaying the length of their visa or found to have used falsified documents to obtain a visa originally will be arrested, deported and could face a ban from re-entering the UK in the future.


All UK visas are clearly marked with a valid from date and a valid until date. It is illegal to enter into the UK before the valid from date and you must leave the country before the visa expires. Any visa extensions must be applied for before the visa expires (no less than 28 days before expiry) and not afterwards. Each different visa category is colour coded, making it easy to determine the type of visa that applicants are entering into the UK under. The length of stay and terms will be clearly displayed on the visa, along with any additional entry terms, such as stating that the visa is a multiple entry visa.


It is important that you consult qualified and experienced immigration solicitors in the UK, as they will deal with EU and non EU nationals on daily basis. Therefore, there is no case or question that they shouldn’t have come across before in these dealings. It is imperative that you make an informed decision before you appoint your representation, as a wise choice here could be the difference between you securing a UK visa or being sent home.


Take a look at their client testimonial page and search for other independent reviews to read impartial accounts from their previous clients. This will give you an insight into the type of immigration law company you’re dealing with, the quality of the services that they offer and their success rate. All specialist immigration lawyers will ensure that they stay up to date with any process or legislation changes so that they can always offer the most relevant, up to date advice and information relating to your case. Most reputable immigration solicitors should also provide you with the option to communicate with you through your preferred language if it is not English. Therefore, you should ask whether or not they can tailor their legal advice to your needs and determine whether this is the right immigration representation for you and your case.


Author Bio: Jennifer is a senior solicitor at an immigration law company. She has an experience of working in this field for 11 years. She has written a number of articles and blogs on Danielle Cohen Immigration. Jennifer is providing us some valuable Immigration advice on UK Student Visas in this article.