Attorney Steve's Top Tips for Mediation Success!


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Attorney Steve's Top Tips for Mediation Success!

Mediation provides parties (Plaintiff and a Defendant) with an excellent chance to settle their case.

Free Legal Aid provides useful information about child custody. In addition to the video here, be sure you check out other resources.

Child Custody in Florida: Best Interests of the Child

When divorcing parents come into court for a decision on parenting arrangements, judges in Florida base their decisions on the best interests of the child. Florida’s policy in favor of shared parental responsibility will not apply if a court finds that it would be detrimental to the child. check to learn more.

Florida Child Custody Laws

Florida child custody laws provide for several different types of physical child custody within the state. Legal custody is also determined at the time physical custody is. Sole physical custody is defined as one co-parent acting as the primary residence for the children involved. check to learn more.

Child Custody in Florida

Joint physical custody is a situation where a child maintains two residences – one with each parent.  There is generally a close to equal division of time that the child spends with each parent; however, careers and other considerations sometimes make that impractical. check to learn more.

Florida Child Custody Questions

There is no such term as “custody” in the Florida Statutes nor is there a primary or secondary residential parent designation in the Florida Statutes. In Florida, both parents have “time-sharing” with their children. check to learn more.

Florida Child Custody

The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act in Florida states that the goal of child custody is frequent contact with the child for both parents. Every attempt is made for parents to share responsibility. check to learn more.