Illinois Eviction Laws for Landlords and Tenants


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Illinois Eviction Laws for Landlords and Tenants

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Tenants Defenses to Eviction Notices in Illinois

In Illinois, a landlord can evict a tenant for a number of reasons, including not paying rent or violating a portion of the rental or lease agreement. Evictions in Illinois are regulated by the Illinois Code of Civil Procedure, and landlords must carefully follow these procedures in order to evict a tenant. There are two main reasons a tenant may be evicted: not paying rent on time or violating a portion of the lease or rental agreement. check to learn more.

Illinois Eviction

To legally evict a tenant from a residential property in Illinois, a landlord needs to comply with the Illinois eviction process and the various steps involved. A landlord who fails to abide by the appropriate procedures may have their eviction action dismissed by the court. If the landlord attempts any self-eviction measures, then he or she may have to pay damages to the tenant. check to learn more.