Indiana Child Support


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Indiana Child Support

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Child Custody in Indiana

Indiana courts agree that children should be encouraged by each parent to have a healthy relationship with the other parent. According to Indiana law, the custodial parent must provide a “notice of intention to move” to the non-custodial parent via certified mail. The custodial parent’s wish to leave Indiana is not, by itself, enough reason to give the child’s care to the other parent. When considering joint custody, Indiana courts will also consider these factors: The fitness and suitability of each parent; Whether the parents are willing and able to communicate and cooperate in advancing the child's welfare. check to learn more.

Child Support and Visitation in Indiana

In Indiana, the court follows Indiana Code Title 31, Article 16, Chapters 6-1 through 6-6 as a basic layout of the rules for determining the amount of support that is to be paid. The general principles that are considered when establishing the appropriate amount of support include the following: (1) the financial resources of the custodial parent; (2) the standard of living the child would have enjoyed had the marriage not been terminated; check to learn more.