Indiana Eviction Process and Laws from an Indianapolis Attorney


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Indiana Eviction Process and Laws from an Indianapolis Attorney

Andrew Janutolo, one of our legal partners, has joined us today to speak about the Indiana eviction process. He’s with the Indianapolis law firm of Goodin & Abernathy, and he’s going to explain how to evict a tenant, whether the tenant is willing to cooperate or refusing to leave.

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General Information About Eviction

The landlord should take you to court. Most landlords will file a case in court to evict you. Some landlords, however, may just try to lock you out of the home. Landlords are not supposed to do this, but some do try. If your landlord threatens to change your locks to get you out of the home, you should try to keep someone in the home at all times and call the police if the landlord tries to change the locks. check to learn more.

Indiana Eviction

Before undertaking an eviction, the landlord must allow the tenant to have at least some due process rights. Starting with an Indiana Eviction Notice, certain steps must be followed before initiating an Indiana eviction process and obtaining a court order directing the tenant to vacate rental property. check to learn more.