Kansas Human Rights Commission


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Kansas Human Rights Commission

900 SW Jackson, Suite 568-S 
Topeka, KS  66612-1258 
phone: 785.296.3206 
fax: 785.296.0589 

Office hours are from 
8:00 am -5:00 pm 
Monday - Friday


The mission of the Kansas Human Rights Commission is to prevent and eliminate discrimination and assure equal opportunities in all employment relations, to eliminate profiling in conjunction with traffic stops,  to eliminate and prevent discrimination, segregation or separation, and assure equal opportunities in all places of public accommodations and in housing.

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The agency philosophy in accomplishing its mission is to act in accordance with the highest standards of professional conduct, ethics, efficiency, and accountability. Realizing that the principles of equality and the protection of basic human rights are the most noble of human efforts, we dedicate our activities toward that purpose, believing that eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.

KHRC Staff
Supervisory Staff
    • William V. Minner, Executive Director
    • Ruth Glover, Assistant Director
    • Jane L. Neave, Wichita Investigative Administrator
    • William "Bill" R. Wright, Topeka Investigative Administrator
    • Orienta "Orie" Kirksey, Topeka Investigative Administrator
    • Rick Fischli, Racial and Other Profiling Administrator
    • Robert Easterling, Intake Manager
    • Joseph P. Mastrosimone, Chief Legal Counsel
    • Beth Montgomery, Office Manager

Staff Members (Listed alphabetically by last name)

    • Paul Forese, Special Investigator, Topeka
    • Lin Gillen, Special Investigator, Independence
    • Barbara Girard, Special Investigator, Topeka
    • Laura Gomez, Intake Specialist, Topeka
    • Caryl Hines, Secretary to the Director, Topeka
    • Etta James, Office Specialist, Topeka

    • Yona Johnson, Receptionist, Wichita
    • Holly King, Special Investigator, Topeka
    • Marvin McCurtis,  Special Investigator, Wichita 
    •  Roma Meraz Valencia, Special Investigator,   Dodge City
    • Cindy Nelson,  Special Investigator, Wichita
    • Vamba P. Nzwilli, Special Investigator, Topeka
    • Daniel J. Wentling, Special Investigator, Topeka


Kansas Human Rights Commission
900 SW Jackson Suite 568-S
66612-1258 Topeka , KS
United States
Phone: 785.296.3206
Fax: 785.296.0589
Kansas US