Expungement of Criminal Records in Nevada


Area of Law: 

criminal records

A criminal record can be a bar to certain types of employment, licensing,

holding public office, and even the right to vote. Most states allow for a

process called expungement that will remove certain arrests or criminal convictions from the offender's


Depending upon the laws of the state in which you live and the nature of the

crime, you may be able to get an arrest or conviction sealed or erased from

your legal record. After the expungement process is complete, you will not

need to disclose the conviction on a job or school application, and in most

instances no record of the arrest or conviction will show up during a public

records inspection or background check commonly done by potential employers,

landlords, and educational institutions.

Nevada Revised Statutes permit courts to order the sealing of criminal

records if certain conditions are met and the court is satisfied that the

subject has been rehabilitated. Sealing is

a procedure in which a record is physically removed from a record system and

its release is substantially or completely restricted. Sealing of criminal

records prohibits access to record information except to employees of the

Repository for record management purposes, a party or agency for an

authorized search under Nevada Revised Statutes or a party authorized

pursuant to a court order.

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