4 Steps Employers Can Use to Cover Themselves Legally


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As an employer, protecting your company is top priority. You don't have the time or resources to deal with costly and complex legal situations. It's better to prevent lawsuits than fight them. How do you protect your business while ensuring that everyone acts in accordance with the law? The following offers four ideas to help you cover yourself in the case of legal action.


Distribute a Comprehensive Handbook

This is your first step to promoting a fair and safe environment for all employees. As soon as you hire someone, give them a copy of your comprehensive handbook and encourage them to ask questions regarding things they don't understand. Make sure you get a signed acknowledgment of receipt. Your handbook should cover everything from sexual harassment, to equal opportunity policies, and you should keep it updated to reflect current laws.


Apply Policy Indiscriminately

If someone breaks policy, then deal with them according to the handbook. Don't make exceptions. Allowing exceptions opens up you and your company for potential legal action based on unfair treatment. If your employees see you show favoritism or word gets out that certain aspects of your handbook aren't really enforced, then it can be hard to protect against legal claims. Protect yourself and your company by applying your policies and procedures equally to all employees.


Don't Make Promises

Never make promises to an employee, even if they have worked with you for many years. In the world of business you can never guarantee a position, or a raise. Employees can bring lawsuits forward for terminations and a pay cuts simply because you promised them that it would never happen. You can't predict the future, so make sure you only offer incentives that will actually materialize.


Retain a Good Attorney

If you find yourself involved with an employee dispute or a worker compensation claim, then find a good injury attorney. Have the resources at the ready for any kind of situation. According to a professional from injury lawyers Stockbridge, many situations can be diffused by utilizing the skills and resources of a professional attorney. Make sure you're covered in the case of a bad situation.