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Binghamton NY Custody Relocation Attorney

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Can Children Express Preference in New York Custody Proceedings?

A child’s custodial preference for parent A won’t necessarily doom parent B's case. While a judge can consider a child’s parental inclinations, a child’s preference will only be granted if it’s in his or her best interests. This article provides an overview of the impact of a child’s preference on custody proceedings in New York. check to learn more.

New York Child Custody Laws

New York child custody laws designate this co-parent to be the custodial parent and the primary residence of the child. New York child custody laws and courts award temporary custody to one or both co-parents after a New York custody case is filed. check to learn more.

Child Custody in New York

In New York, the laws have provided the criteria that New York Courts are to consider when determining who shall maintain custody of the child after a separation or dissolution of marriage. Some unmarried couples have joint legal custody over their children. check to learn more.

How to Prepare for a Child Custody Case in New York State

The general test in determining custody in a contest between parents, is the best interest and welfare of the child. Court decisions set forth several factors which are to be considered in determining best interests. check to learn more.

Best Interests of the Child

In all custody proceedings in New York, the main concern for the court in awarding custody is the “best interest of the child.”  The “best interest of the child” test means that the courts are required to balance the ability of each parent to meet the needs of the child or children. check to learn more.