Bronx Child Support Lawyer: How to change or modify a New York child support order?


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Bronx Child Support Lawyer: How to change or modify a New York child support order?

Bronx, New York divorce and family law attorney Bryan Hutchinson explains how to calculate a New York child support payment.

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Understanding New York’s Custody Laws

New York's custody laws are not written in any statute. Rather, they have evolved over the years by numerous court decision. Regardless of how New York determines its custody laws, it is important to understand that conceptually, custody cases are unlike most other cases. check to learn more.

New York Child Custody Questions

New York child custody attorneys provide answers to frequently asked questions with regards to New York child custody factors and New York custody laws. The court will base its custody decision applying the standard of what is in the best interests of the child, which there is no hard and fast rule or guideline to apply. check to learn more.

Child Custody in New York

In New York, the laws have provided the criteria that New York Courts are to consider when determining who shall maintain custody of the child after a separation or dissolution of marriage. Some unmarried couples have joint legal custody over their children. check to learn more.

Child Custody and Visitation in New York

Sole custody means that one parent has the authority to make decisions about the child.  The non-custodial parent may have the right to receive medical or education information, but he/she does not make the decisions. check to learn more.

Child Custody Laws in New York

This type of child custody involves sharing both physical and legal custody. While this is certainly not the case for every family, past rulings suggest that many New York courts view joint custody as being in the best interest of the child. check to learn more.