Does joint custody affect child support in New York?


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Does joint custody affect child support in New York?

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CHILD SUPPORT: Questions and Answers

If you are a parent who lives with your child, you are called a "custodial parent." If you live apart from your child, you are called a "non-custodial parent." In New York State, non-custodial parents must provide financial assistance for the children to custodial parents. check to learn more.

Noncustodial Parent Information

Noncustodial parents often have specific questions about child support. This information is provided to help noncustodial parents understand what happens when one or both parents seek child support services. check to learn more.

Child Custody in New York

In New York, the laws have provided the criteria that New York Courts are to consider when determining who shall maintain custody of the child after a separation or dissolution of marriage. Some unmarried couples have joint legal custody over their children. check to learn more.

Custody & Visitation

An order of custody gives responsibility for the care, control and maintenance of a child to one or both of the child's parents or to another party. In some counties in New York City, a custody or visitation case may be heard by a Family Court "court attorney-referee", who may hear and decide the case and issue orders. check to learn more.

New York Child Custody and Relocation

Relocating will surely change a child's relationship to each parent and possibly to extended family, friends, school, and community. Thus, New York courts review relocation cases very carefully to make sure that the child's best interests will be served by the move. check to learn more.