Confidentiality and Invention Agreement

Confidentiality and Invention Agreement


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The Confidentiality and Invention Agreement is for employers to give to employees.  Its purpose is to get employees to disclose all of the inventions that they already own and to then ensure that any new inventions will go to their company. A significant aspect of this agreement is confidentiality. Without this agreement, employees may claim rights to their inventions even if they pertain to company business. Please note that after signing a Confidentiality and Invention Agreement, employees will still typically own their non-work related inventions. 

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As a consideration for my employment at __ Corporation or its subsidiaries, affiliates, or successors, hereinafter referred to collectively as “Company”, I, _____________________________________________, agree as follows:


  1. 1.       I will keep confidential, during the period of my employment and thereafter, all non-public information to which I have access as a result of my employment at COMPANY including, but not limited to, all technical data, trade secrets or confidential business information related to COMPANY, its customers, its suppliers or any third party to whom COMPANY owes a duty of confidentiality. I will not copy, disclose, or use any confidential, copyrighted, or otherwise proprietary information, except as authorized by, and for the benefit of, COMPANY.


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