Deed of Trust or Trust Deed

Deed of Trust or Trust Deed


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Here's a free trust deed form that's pretty hard to use but good for reference.   As with all real estate forms, you should use an escrow or title company to do your form and filing of trust deeds.  You don't want to have a problem securing your rights, so don't try to do this kind of filing on your own.

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This First/Second Deed of Trust, made this ________ day of ________, 200_, between __________________, herein called Trustor, whose address is __________________;

__________________ Title Inc., herein called Trustee, and __________________, herein called Beneficiary, whose address is __________________.


Witnesseth:  That Trustor IRREVOCABLY GRANTS, TRANSFERS AND ASSIGNS TO TRUSTEE IN TRUST, WITH POWER OF SALE, that property in __________________ County, Pennsylvania, described as:


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