Agreement Among the Founders of a Company

Agreement Among the Founders of a Company


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This document represents an outline of the general layout and content of an Agreement Among the Founders of a Company.

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As partial consideration for the grant of shares in [Company Name], LLC, a South Carolina limited liability company ("Company"), as a founding member of said company, [Founder Name], residing at  ________________________________ (“Founder"), hereby agrees as follows:




Founder hereby assigns to the Company, any and all right, title and interest to all copyrights, copyright registrations, and copyrightable subject matter, including reproduction rights which Founder has in anything that the Founder has developed in relation to his involvement with the Company, which includes pre-formation activities, including, without limitation, all activities related to ____________________________________________ (all such matter is collectively referred to herein as “Works”), together with any and all causes of action accrued in Founder’s favor, for infringement of any of the rights in the Works, to the Company, its successors and assigns in perpetuity, and for registrable copyrights for and during the existence of any copyrights, and all renewals and extensions of them.


Founder acknowledges and agrees that the Works that Founder produces for Company that relate to the Company’s business (“Works”) are "works made for hire" as that term is used in the copyright laws, and that Company shall be solely and exclusively entitled to own and secure any and all rights, including copyright rights, in the Works.  Should a determination ever be made that the Works are not in fact "works made for hire," then Founder agrees to assign all rights to the Works, including copyright rights, to the Company, and to execute any documents as may be necessary to effect this assignment.  In addition, Founder agrees that if a determination is ever made that the Works are not in fact "works made for hire," then Founder will transfer, set over or otherwise assign any and all "Artist's moral rights," or their equivalent, and any other residual federal or state statutory rights which Founder may have to the Works. 


Founder hereby waives any and all right, title and interest (including copyrights, patents and trademarks) in and to the Works, and Founder agrees to promptly execute any documents as may be requested by the Company to ensure the Company’s ownership of the Works, and Founder further waives all residual or "moral" artists' rights under the Visual Artist's Rights Act of 1990 in and to the Works.




Founder hereby assigns to the Company any trademarks, brands, or ideas about trademarks or brands that Founder has conceived as part of the Founder’s involvement with the Company, including in its pre-incorporation development.  Founder agrees that he will make no claim to any name, logo, or other identifier of source as it relates to the company.


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