Divorce Settlement Agreement

Divorce Settlement Agreement


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Here's a legal form for a Divorce Settlement Agreement.  You really should consult with a lawyer before doing a DIY divorce, but some people hate lawyers enough to take their chances and go through the divorce process without any legal advice. At a minimum, this form is interesting to see what a settlement might look like.  

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This Divorce Settlement ("Agreement") is made and effective _______________, by and between _______________________("Wife") of _________________________, and ______________________ ("Husband") of ________________________.


The parties were married on _________ in_____________________, and have since that time been and are now by law Husband and Wife.


The parties have minor children. The children’s names and ages are:





It is the desire of the parties by execution of this Agreement, to fully and for all time settle and determine the property rights of the parties, all rights of support and maintenance, all rights and claims arising out of he marriage relationship including dower, curtsy, maintenance, inheritance and homestead, together with any and all other rights existing between the parties or claims one against the other, arising out of the marriage relationship of the termination of said relationship, or otherwise, independent and regardless of the circumstances


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