Full Power of Attorney

Full Power of Attorney


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A full power of attorney form is a written legal document that is used to authorize a particular person to perform civil acts on behalf of the person signing the document. 


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I, __________________(“Declarant”), residing at __________________________, hereby appoint _____________________ (“Agent”) of _______________________, as my attorney-in-fact ("Agent") to exercise the powers and discretions described below.


If the Agent is unable or unwilling to serve for any reason, I appoint ________________ (“Alternate Agent”), of _______________________________, as my alternate or successor Agent, as the case may be to serve with the same powers and discretions.


I hereby revoke any and all general powers of attorney and special powers of attorney that previously have been signed by me.  However, the preceding sentence shall not have the effect of revoking any powers of attorney that are directly related to my health care that previously have been signed by me.


My Agent shall have full power and authority to act on my behalf.  This power and authority shall authorize my Agent to manage and conduct all of my affairs and to exercise all of my legal rights and powers, including all rights and powers that I may acquire in the future.  My Agent's powers shall include, but not be limited to, the power to:


1.  Open, maintain or close bank accounts (including, but not limited to, checking accounts, savings accounts, and certificates of deposit), brokerage accounts, retirement plan accounts, and other similar accounts with financial institutions.


a.   Conduct any business with any banking or financial institution with respect to any of my accounts, including, but not limited to, making deposits and withdrawals, negotiating or endorsing any checks or other instruments with respect to any such accounts, obtaining bank statements, passbooks, drafts, money orders, warrants, and certificates or vouchers payable to me by any person, firm, corporation or political entity.


b.   Perform any act necessary to deposit, negotiate, sell or transfer any note, security, or draft of the United States of America, including U.S. Treasury Securities.


c.    Have access to any safe deposit box that I might own, including its contents.


2.   Sell, exchange, buy, invest, or reinvest any assets or property owned by me.  Such assets or property may include income producing or non-income producing assets and property.


3.   Purchase and/or maintain insurance and annuity contracts, including life insurance upon my life or the life of any other appropriate person.


4.   Take any and all legal steps necessary to collect any amount or debt owed to me, or to settle any claim, whether made against me or asserted on my behalf against any other person or entity.


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