Dictionary for Legal Terms

The Free Legal Aid Legal Dictionary is based on an old English legal dictionary.  The dictionary of legal terms includes many classic latin phrases that have meaning in the legal profession, as well as terms of art that are less archaic.  We are pleased to offer this legal dictionary for your use, and hope that we will also be able to add terms that are not in the dictionary.  You can email us terms that you would like to add to the dictionary at info@freelegalaid.com and we will do our best to add more legal terms to the dictionary.


Our legal dictionary search allows you to search either the word being defined, or words from the definitions.  


For additional dictionaries, check your word in the Cornell legal dictionary or Pittsburg's legal dictionary.


Black's Law Dictionary is probably the oldest legal dictionary. We provide our digital version of the 2nd edition, much of which is still relevant today. Search either the terms or the definitions below.