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We offer a number of ways to participate in the Freelegalaid community.  We welcome attorneys to two roles: answering questions and writing articles.  Other experts can write articles, or add resources to the database.  Finally, journalists can submit news articles, which may be compensated.


For Attorneys

Answer questions and promote your expertise!

Freelegalaid has launched the "Question/Answer" feature of the site.  We offer a forum for users to ask legal questions that only attorneys can answer.  By signing up as an attorney, you can access the "questions" section and choose which questions to answer.  Showcase your knowledge!  Include a link to your site, or to an article you have written about the subject.  We ask that you provide enough useful information to help more than just the user who asked the question.  Answer in such a way that others who use Freelegalaid can also learn from your answer.  

For more, click here: https://www.freelegalaid.com/attorneys



For Attorneys, Paralegals and Experts:

We invite you to become a writer for FreeLegalAid.com.  

Our content provides users with a host of free legal resources, and we want to let you showcase your knowledge and promote your practice!  By telling people what you know, you help our users to get a better idea of what their legal needs are.  Obviously, some users just need that short article on what it means to file a trademark, or what a codicile is.  Once the reader knows that a codicile is not a descendent of a crocodile, they may just decide that they need an attorney, and after reading your helpful article, they may just give you a call.

  • Increase your reputation!
  • Increase links to your site and your SEO quality!
  • Help others with short articles about things you know really well!
  • Feature your knowledge!

Articles must be well-written, and tailored for the needs of the Freelegalaid community.  We do not want junk articles by so-called SEO experts.  You may include a link or two in your article, but the article itself must have something of value for our users.  Please write useful information that is going to be helpful for those seeking legal assistance, legal information and free resources.

To join as a writer, just create a username, and email info@freelegalaid.com with your username, along with a link to your website to verify that you are who you say you are.  We'll verify it and upgrade your user status to "writer" and then you can follow the instructions here:  https://www.freelegalaid.com/p/writer-instructions-4519




FreeLegalAid will pay for news-based articles from journalists.  Experts and authors may post articles on the site at no charge, but are not compensated. 

Click here for our Journalist section and start submitting your articles for publication: https://www.freelegalaid.com/journalist