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legal_form Short Form Patent License Intellectual Property, Patent Law
article Legal Lines Blurred In Cases Of Marriage Equality For Same Sex Couples Divorce and Family Law, domestic partnership
question whatdoes tempory gaurden ship means. ... Divorce and Family Law
question inheritance laws ... Other
question My husband was just sentenced to two years in prison. I want a divorce from him. There is a history of domestic violence. How can I obtain a divorce? ... Divorce and Family Law
question quit claim deedhow can i file a quit claim deed ... Business and Commercial Law
question Hello, I am writing you because I do not know where to start. I told my husband of 5 years that I want a divorce. I thought we could handle everything ourselves since we both checked out of the relationship a little over a year ago. Today he informed ... Divorce and Family Law
question Getting the divorce finalized Divorce and Family Law
question what are childrens rights to propety of there mother (such as land) if there is no will? ... Other
question Can an H1B person file bankrupcy?If a person on H1B is without a job for over a year,can his visa be cancelled? ... Employment Law, Bankruptcy Law, Immigration
question As a beneficiary do I get a copy of a will ... Other
question bankruptcy process Bankruptcy Law
question How can you get an adjustment to child support garnishment ... Divorce and Family Law
question Someone I know is pregnant and wants me to adopt the baby in Georgia. What paperwork has to be completed to allow me to bring the baby home from the hospital and then to carry out the adoption? ... Other
question I have been served a summons from a lawyer for a credit card debt. I know I have to answer the summons but not sure how. Can you tell me what the statue of limitations is on this matter? Thank you. ... Other
question Small claims court Landlord Tenant Law
question do i need an attorney to do the paperwork to establish general durable power of attorney over my mother? ... Other
question I need to know if I can divorce my husband for free while he is in jail? ... Divorce and Family Law
question I am seeking legal advice. I married in Oct 2002, however, he resides in AL and I in GA. He would compute to GA on weekends. In Sept 2011, we separated. He said he’d continue giving me money at the rate he was, however, he cut it by two-thirds. ... Divorce and Family Law
question I work for an organization that works with individuals with developmental disabilities. We maintain confidential files which contain medical, psychological, social history type information, among other things. My question is this: A client lives w ... Other, Business and Commercial Law, Civil Rights Law, Personal Injury
question How can we go about getting guardianship or custody of our nephew? We have had him since he was 5wks old and he's almost nine now. ... Other, Divorce and Family Law
question The child support agency is taking twice the amount there supposed to how can I stop them ... Other, Government, Divorce and Family Law
question I am 74 years and need a court order for a delayed birth certificate for the of Idaho There seems to be record of my birth ion Idahom therefore I can't get an id card, a license dirve, vote. ... Other, Government
question i need a continuance in lumpkin county ga for a mandatory child support settlement hearing ... Divorce and Family Law
question Mistaken Identities Other
question i need a divorce don't have any money out of work on medcial leave .can somebody please help me .. Divorce and Family Law
question If a social security check is received after a person dies & the check is for the previous month, is that check good & can it be cashed by a surviving relative to help cover deceased's bills? ... Other, Government, Divorce and Family Law
question Legal Pursuit Other, Personal Injury
question How can I get Grandparent visitation? ... Other, Divorce and Family Law


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