Freelegalaid invites attorneys licensed in any state to join Freelegalaid.  As an attorney user you will be able to answer questions posted by users, and also write articles or submit useful websites as resources for our community.  

The "Answers" section of Freelegalaid is intended to allow users to ask questions about a legal issue.  All answers remain unpublished until an attorney selects it and posts an answer.  The answer should be thorough.  If you do not have time to answer completely, please do not answer.  For example, do not simply say that this is a complex question and that the user should hire an attorney.  This is a given.  Your job as an attorney for the Answers section is to post a response that you might give to your aunt if she called to ask you the same question.  You should say enough to help your aunt know something about the issue, the body of law, and where to go from there.  You are more likely to convert clients by showing your knowledge than by saying less and telling people to call you.  

If you see an answer that has been posted by another attorney, you can add to it, but please respect their answer; don't delete or edit it.  Just post your response below theirs.  Or, if you are signed in, you can post a "comment" to the answer, adding your opinion about the issue.

Users will see you as the answering attorney.  Thus, while you MAY include a link to your site, or an article on your site (even better), users will be able to read your bio as well.  Thus, be sure to take the time to fill in your biographical information and upload a good photo of yourself when you setup your attorney account.

We ask users to submit non-confidential information, and agree to terms and conditions that include the following:

You may ask a question to Free Legal Aid. DO NOT SUBMIT CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. Please see full disclaimer prior to submission (which will be presented before the question is actually submitted).

By submitting this question you acknowledge that you are not using any attorney-client privileged information, you are not naming any parties, individuals, or circumstances which would be adversely affected by the publication of this question. THIS QUESTION MAY BE PUBLICLY POSTED; DO NOT POST PRIVATE OR CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. YOUR QUESTION DOES NOT CREATE AN ATTORNEY CLIENT RELATIONSHIP with the attorney who answers your question. Any answer posted is not legal advice specific to your situation, but is instead a means of getting a general answer applicable to many different circumstances that is intended to help the widest number of users. Questions may not be answered. The attorneys who post answers select questions that they believe will be useful to a number of users. You hereby release FreeLegalAid of all liability associated with the question and any answer(s) that are posted. You grant FreeLegalAid a perpetual non-exclusive, royalty free worldwide license to post the question, and any answers thereto. FreeLegalAid does not answer questions, as questions are answered by private attorneys who choose to answer questions to help provide free general information.