San Antonio Free Legal Aid

If you need free, discounted or low cost legal help in San Antonio, there are a number of places to turn.


The Community Justice Program (CJP)

The Community Justice Program is a joint venture of the the San Antonio Bar Association and Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA). 


The program was established to offer FREE help and legal aid to lower-income residents of San Antonio and its surrounding areas.


CJP maintiains a large list of volunteer attorneys who do pro bono work for low income San Antonio residents.  Lawyers who take pro bono cases do so to serve the community and give back. 

Additionally, the CJP offers educational opportunities, rescources and clinics for issues related to Divorce and Family Law, Legal and Social Justice related maters as well as legal help for Verterans through Audie Murphy Veterans Hospital.


You must meet CJP's requirements to attend these clinics.  To learn more go to the The Community Justice Program website.


Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA)

Texas RioGrande Legal Aid also known as "TRLA" offers free legal services to low income individuals.  You must qualify to get legal help by filling out an application.  Apply here to see if you qualify.  


TRLA is a non-profit which offers free legal help to residents of more than sixty counties in Southwest Texas.  They are the largest provider of legal services in Texas with more 20,000 clients served per year and tens of thousands of lawyers in their legal network.


St. Mary's University Center for Legal and Social Justice

The Center for Legal and Social Justice offers services to low income San Antonio residents.  Cases are handled by law students under the supervision of an experienced attorney.  Some of the services offered follow:

Drafting legal documents

Negotiating cases

Trying actual cases in the courts


For morn information, contact:

Saint Marys University of San Antonio: Saint Marys University of San Antonio School of Law

Sarah Minter

Areas of law addressed by Saint Marys Univeristy Legal and Social Justice program:

Civil Issues

Immigration and Human Rights

Criminal Justice