Profile: Legal Debt Resolution: Chantel Grant Of GM Law Firm

Chantel Grant of The GM Law Firm in Boca Raton, Florida has dedicated her career to fighting on behalf of students struggling with crippling debt issues. Most people deal with the challenges of debt at one point or another in their lives. Student debt can be particularly challenging as individuals begin their post-education lives wondering how they will ever catch up, let alone get ahead of their debt. High interest rates and unfair penalties make student loans seemingly impossible to pay down; that is a challenging way for anyone to start their life and career. Individuals like Chantel Grant work tirelessly to help students struggling with debt issues, and she does it professionally, efficiently, and with the help of GM Law Firm.

The Calling

Chantel Grant graduated from St. Thomas University School of Law and landed a job as a consumer defense attorney shortly thereafter. While she initially looked at the job as a stepping stone in her career path, she soon realized her aptitude for defending credit card, medical, and private student loan lawsuits. Ultimately, she found that credit card company and private student loan lawsuits were where she would come to land. She soon discovered that helping people shed the financial coil of debt, especially those battling unethical actions of lending companies and institutions, would become her life's work.

Debt-Resolution Lawyers

Consumer and debt-resolution lawyers are more needed than ever before as the actions of credit card companies and money lenders charging exorbitant interest rates and penalties are coming into public light. Lending companies make more money if their borrowers take longer periods of time to pay off their debts, and some are not above unethical actions to make the repayment road difficult to navigate. Every lawsuit filed against one of these companies alerts clients to their rights in terms of debt collection and repayment, and this is a process Grant is proud to be a part of, one defendable lawsuit at a time.

GM Law Firm's $23,000 Navient Lawsuit Victory Through Outside Counsel

In September of 2018, GM Law Firm through outside counsel won the Navient lawsuit in Texas holding the money-lending company accountable for failing borrowers at every juncture along the repayment road. This legal victory was a huge win in the debt-collection industry as it called into question the company's response to client repayment, questions, and credit concerns. Navient was found guilty of processing loan payments incorrectly, purposely cheating students out of lower-payment options, providing misinformation, and numerous other unethical actions related to debt repayment.

The Legal Outcome

With the judge's ruling that they could not prove the client's particular loan was bundled under the trust in question, the rights of future borrowers were protected under the merits and outcome of the case. This precedent-setting lawsuit in Texas called attention to the issue of documenting enough proof on the chain of title, and this ruling has secured future winning settlements for GM whose clients can now see how their rights will be protected.

Thanks to the hard work of individuals like Chantel Grant and the GM Law Firm, the actions of lenders are finally being monitored to ensure the protection of individual borrower's rights and that’s exactly what GM Law Firm set out to do. This shift in accountability will have huge implications in future debt-collection lawsuits as individuals now have a chance when going up against large-scale lending companies with deep pockets and loose morals.