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legal_form Short Form Patent License Intellectual Property, Patent Law
question I bought a lemon and I need to know my rights. I have had the car for a week ... Civil Rights Law
question Can I have the amount of child support increased? My ex husband is making more now than he was when the child support order was set. Can I have the order the modified? ... Divorce and Family Law
question Can Grandparents get visitation rights to see there grandchilderen? ... Divorce and Family Law
question If I asked my spouse to leave, can he be charged with desertion? He seems to think he can, and I want him to leave. Divorce and Family Law
question Can I get an anullment from incarcerrated husband ? i DO NOT REMEMBER HIS INFORMATION.ETC... Divorce and Family Law
question iam due to resign my lease next month and my rent is goign from 505 to 550 can they raise my rent like that and didnt give me 30day notice ... Landlord Tenant Law
question what are my rights in the state of ohio if the woman i was involved with is pregnant and then marries another man prior to the birth? can i sue for a paternity test?" ... Divorce and Family Law
question what if your parents passaway and you are stillmarried but separatedfrom husband and you iheriaty money can he claim any? ... Other
question Can I reopen a divorce decree to get spousal support after 8 years ... Divorce and Family Law
question Can you file bankruptcy on court costs/fines? ... Bankruptcy Law
question HOW CAN I GET COPIES OF MY BANKRUPTCY RECORDS ... personal bankruptcy
question I was recently terminated because my employer ran a background check on me. I've been employed with this company for 7 months & 3 weeks & on may,27,20012 just one week after giving me a promotion they said they just pulled my criminal b ... Civil Rights Law, Employment Law
question I am currently unemployed and am being taken to court for unpaid city taxes for the city of Chardon Ohio. I was making payments on back taxes until I lost my job and was advised to consult with an attorney. I cannot afford an attorney what are my opt ... Government, Business and Commercial Law, Bankruptcy Law
question can I file to have my record expunged by myself? ... Other, DUI and Criminal
article Lemon Law Ohio Other
legal_resource Better Business Bureau of Cleveland Other
article Lemon Law Columbus Other
legal_resource Ohio Attorney General Other
article Injury Attorney Columbus Personal Injury
legal_resource Franklin County Municipal Court Personal Injury
legal_resource Clermont County Probate/Juvenile Court Divorce and Family Law, Government
article Auto Accident Columbus Attorney Personal Injury
legal_resource Columbus Bar Association, Lawyer Referral Service General Legal Resources
article Bankruptcy Attorney Columbus personal bankruptcy
legal_resource United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of Ohio personal bankruptcy
article Filing for Bankruptcy in Ohio personal bankruptcy
legal_resource International Institute of Akron Other
legal_resource The Legal Aid Society of Cleveland Other
legal_resource Community Refugee & Immigration Services Immigration


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