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question I rented my home in san antonio, I currently live in San Francisco, CA. I am suing my former tenant for damages to my home. I need an attorney to represent me in San Antonio. Do I hire an attorney in Texas or California?Thank you ... Landlord Tenant Law
question Small Court Case Jurisdiction Landlord Tenant Law, Other
question Landlord won't allow us to move in and won't reimburse hotel room Landlord Tenant Law
question tenant lock out before eviction what are my rights sign tenant ... Landlord Tenant Law
question If a storage locker location sales your property and all of your personal records were stored in it, does the personal papers containing your social security numbers, id's and stuff be made available to get back? ... Landlord Tenant Law, Civil Rights Law, Business and Commercial Law, Government, Other
question Our 19 year old has moved in and out at least 6 times in the last year. Each time taking her things, only to come back home with nothing and we have to replenish again. She's threatening to leave again. Do we legally have to give her all of her ... Business and Commercial Law, Landlord Tenant Law
question I am in Houston - Texas and I'm a student from Europe, not familiar with the laws here. Please guide me through this legal matter . 30 days passed since I left the landlord property, - i left the space clean and intact, in perfect condition - sh ... Business and Commercial Law, Landlord Tenant Law
question Notice to Vacate Landlord Tenant Law
question Is it legal for a property management company to give permission for a renter of a multi-room rental property to tell one tentant they may occupy the room of a tentant who provided a 30 day written notice, per the lease, but who is still paying rent ... Landlord Tenant Law
legal_resource Fair Housing Project, Austin Tenants' Council Landlord Tenant Law
legal_form Residential Rental Application Landlord Tenant Law
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