Hire A Professional DUI Lawyer? Here's What To Expect


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People tend to take DUI charges lightly. One of the primary reasons could be because many people mistake driving under influence charges as traffic violation charges. They are not the same. DUI translates to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or prescription medication. Whereas, traffic violations can include running a red light, not stopping at the stop sign or speeding in a school zone. Sometimes, people end up driving while on prescription medication that recommends the avoidance of driving after consumption. Yes, such situations can lead to DUI charges as well. We are often unaware of the side-effects our antidepressants, sedatives or anti-anxiety drugs have on our driving skills.

There are several new laws in place that apply to people driving under the influence of prescription meds. The FDA states that many medications impair an individual's ability to drive. These refer to some OTC (over the counter) medicines as well. Driving after consuming powerful antipsychotics and anti-anxiety drugs endanger the lives of others on the road. The state or the plaintiff has enough reason to slap you with a DUI case if you get behind the wheels in an inebriated state. That often leads to innocent people facing the brunt of the criminal justice system.

Does Your DUI Call For Expert Help? 
Have you been a victim of such a situation recently? Were you recently caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs? No matter what your reasons were, the court needs to hear your side of the story before dishing out the judgment. According to the expert Denver Lawyer Nick Geman, 2018 has seen 304 DUI charges in the state so far. Colorado has stringent laws related to DUI, and it has one of the highest conviction rates in the country. The tough situation calls for the need of an expert criminal defense lawyer, who can guide you through this predicament to safety.
Unlike traffic charges, DUI cases tend to be clingy. They do not leave your records, and they show up on background checks every day. Do you want your employability to suffer? Do you want your future significant other to distance himself or herself from you after a thorough online background check? These are realities that plague people, who have mistaken DUI charges as reckless driving charges. While the two are distinctly different from each other, an intelligent lawyer may be able to turn your inadvertent DUI charge into a reckless driving charge in exchange of community service. Going to jail is beyond the realm of nightmares for many who are dependent on medications like diazepam, temazepam, methadone, and hydrocodone. While these drugs serve as anti-anxiety medication, antidepressants and painkillers, they can attract DUI charges in more than one state in the USA.

Professional DWI Attorneys State By State
Colorado allows the use of prescription marijuana, but in the absence of medical use of marijuana card, the law enforcement official can arrest the driver of the motor vehicle. The refusal of the accused to take any tests results in revocation of the privilege against self-incrimination. Without the presence of a specialized DUI lawyer, finding yourself on the wrong side of the law is very easy. The first conviction of DUI can result in the temporary suspension of the license along with mandatory participation in drug and alcohol programs. With repeating instances of DUI, the penalties become harsher. The second and third convictions can result in jail terms of up to one-year along with a hefty fine between $600 and $1500. Community service is also a compulsory part of the conviction sentence.

Good Lawyers Only Will Reduce Your Costs In The End
Only a trained DUI lawyer, who knows the possible complications of such a case and the potential loopholes can help you steer clear of this mess. Pleading guilty might seem like the easy way out, but it opens the door to new ordeals that can be particularly difficult to tackle. Recent laws that allow the law enforcement officials to draw blood for tests without the consent of the suspect and the use of restraint if necessary make the situation genuinely challenging for the defendant. Without the aid of a legal team, the defendant might find himself or herself in a maze of the criminal justice system. That will not just cost you more money; it will also cause you significant mental harassment. We have seen the complications of the justice system wear several people down to the point they have given up and pleaded guilty without enough reason.

The Right Lawyer Can Get Your The Break You Deserve
Sometimes, the defendant gets lucky, and the court agrees to pardon them after considering the lack of previous DUI and misdemeanor cases in their record. However, this is a rare instance, and in most situations, the public defender's office and the judges are too busy to pay attention to such character certificates. They are eager to move on from a "simple" DUI case by enforcing the specific penalties that Colorado DUI convicts usually receive. The presence of a private DUI or DWI attorney can change the course of your trial. In fact, they can save you the cost and mental trauma of the proceedings altogether. Most lawyers have excellent negotiation skills that they can use to settle DWI cases outside the court. In case the trial is unavoidable, you can always appear in the court confidently since you will have professional help with you to levy the charges. 
Whatever you do, try to avoid going pro se legal on your DUI case. Your favorite TV character or movie star may have made it look cool, but reality works very differently. Lawyers spend years and, sometimes, even decades learning the minutest details of the criminal law and DUI law. That should tell you enough about the seriousness of the DWI charges and why you should leave the responsibility of your case to the experts only.