Powerful example of how to talk to your child about visitation with your ex-spouse


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Powerful example of how to talk to your child about visitation with your ex-spouse

Radio talk show host Dennis Prager gives a powerful example of how to speak to your child about your ex-spouse, even when you're extremely angry at them.

Free Legal Aid provides useful information about child custody. In addition to the video here, be sure you check out other resources.

Parental Rights and Responsibilities

Prior to a divorce, both parents are on equal footing when it comes to their children. This includes determining where the children reside, as well as making important decisions affecting their lives. By law, it’s incumbent on both parents to provide financial support for their children. check to learn more.

How Can Fathers Get Full Custody?

Although the courts generally consider it preferable for parents to share child custody, there are situations where the courts would consider granting full custody to one parent. A parent who wants to win full custody rights should know what to expect prior to a court proceeding. check to learn more.

The Basics of Child Custody

One of the most common conflicts pertaining to child custody occurs when one parent wants to relocate with the child. Due to the nature of child custody battles, there is never a general answer that is applicable to every situation. check to learn more.

Child Visitation

The parenting plan also sets up who is responsible for making key decisions involving the child, such as those involving education, religion, and medical treatment. Once you set a parenting plan, it can be placed in your divorce file and enforced as a court order. check to learn more.

Child Support

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about child support issues. If you are getting a divorce and have children this area will help you better understand the child support issues of your divorce. check to learn more.