Crazy Landlord Attacks Tenant


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Crazy Landlord Attacks Tenant

Free Legal Aid provides useful information about eviction. In addition to the video here, be sure you check out other resources.

How to Prevent (or Manage) Mold Problems in Your Home

Prevention is the best way to decrease the chances that mold will begin to grow in your rental unit. Check over the premises and note any mold problems, such as mold growing on water-soaked walls or ceilings. check to learn more.

Repairs and Maintenance

Making sure everything is in working order and answering requests for repairs can be one of the more contentious aspects of renting property. Landlords may view repairs as an annoying expense that takes an unnecessary bite out of their profits. check to learn more.

Landlord and Tenant Rights and Obligations

While the laws governing landlord and tenant relationships vary from state to state, there are general rights and obligations for those entering into lease agreements common to all states. In most cases, tenants have signed a contract to live on a landlord’s premises. check to learn more.

Living In The Rental Unit

As a tenant, you must take reasonable care of your rental unit and any common areas that you use. You must also repair all damage that you cause, or that is caused by anyone for whom you are responsible, such as your family, guests, or pets. check to learn more.

Reasons You Cannot Evict a Tenant

The landlord-tenant relationship does not operate under the code, “an eye for an eye.” You cannot evict a tenant because they have made you angry by complaining or by legally reporting you to a housing authority. check to learn more.