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If you suffer from an injury following a car accident in Chicago because of the other driver’s negligence, you may be able to recover damages for your injuries. Negligence is defined as the failure to use reasonable care, and this cause of action can arise in numerous scenarios related to an automobile accident. For example, running a red light or failing to use a car's headlights at night are both examples of a driver's negligence. Damages available following an accident will depend on your injuries. For example, you may be eligible to receive loss of wages, medical expenses and reimbursement for your expenses. In addition, depending on the severity of your injuries, the court may award you pain and suffering damages. If you feel your injuries are a result of the other driver's negligence, you should contact an auto accident Chicago attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case. A delay in contacting an auto accident Chicago attorney can affect your legal rights.

A variety of damages may be available to you following the accident. For example, if the accident caused you to miss work, you may be eligible to receive loss of wages damages to compensate you for the time you were unable to work. However, your auto accident Chicago attorney may inform you that you will have to provide evidence that the accident was a direct cause of your inability to work. In addition, if you normally work full time, but could only work part time following the accident due to your recovery, you may be eligible to receive compensation for the difference in wages.

Your auto accident Chicago attorney may also be able to provide you with reimbursement for the medical expenses you incurred following the accident. For example, if you were severely injured in the accident, you may have been transported to the hospital via ambulance. Depending on the severity of your injuries you may have spent several nights in the hospital or undergone surgery to repair your injuries. If your injuries require physical therapy or other rehabilitation, your Chicago auto accident attorney may be able to arrange for damages to be paid to compensate you for your long term care as well.

In addition, you may be eligible to receive compensation for any pain and suffering you experienced following the accident.  Pain and suffering can be a direct result of injuries you sustained in the accident, or can include new limitations on your daily activities because of the accident. For example, you may suffer from depression or emotional distress following the auto accident. However, you should be aware that pain and suffering damages are more challenging to prove than other damages because of their subjective nature. Therefore it may be necessary for you to testify at your trial regarding the pain you experienced following the accident. When awarding pain and suffering damages the court considers several factors including your credibility and whether the injuries are likely to be a result of your accident. The court will also consider the severity of the accident when determining whether pain and suffering damages are appropriate. Your auto accident Chicago attorney will also ask the court to consider any future pain and suffering damages you are likely to experience due to the accident.

Do not delay in contacting an auto accident Chicago attorney following an automobile accident, as you only have a short time to file a complaint against the other driver or their insurance. In addition, the insurance company may try to pressure you to agree to a settlement according to their terms, however, do no agree to a settlement without discussing the terms with your auto accident Chicago attorney. If you need help finding an auto accident Chicago attorney, visit the Chicago Bar Association's website In addition, you can visit the Cook County Circuit Court's website  for information about filing a civil lawsuit.