Illinois Child Custody Basics


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Illinois Child Custody Basics

In this video, Southern Illinois Attorney Matthew Benson explains what child custody means and how the process of determining child custody works in Illinois.  If you have family law issues that you would like Mr. Benson's assistance in dealing with, call (618)542-5500 or visit

Free Legal Aid provides useful information about child custody. In addition to the video here, be sure you check out other resources.

Illinois Child Custody Laws

When a couple divorces and there is a minor child involved, the divorce decree will specify who has physical custody as well as legal custody of the child. According to, Illinois courts commonly apply the following standards when deciding how much time each parent should spend with the child. check to learn more.

Child Support and Visitation in Illinois

In Illinois, the court follows the income percentages model to determine a reasonable amount of child support to be paid.  In most cases, it is calculated using the following guidelines:  one child is 20% of the supporting party’s net income, two children are 28%, three children are 32%, four children are 40%, five children are 45%, and six or more children are 50%. check to learn more.