WEBINAR: How to Win Custody of Your Kids in Illinois


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WEBINAR: How to Win Custody of Your Kids in Illinois

Chicago family law attorney Peter R. Olson explains how to win custody, change custody, get visitation, or limit the other parent's visitation rights.

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Illinois Child Custody Laws

Illinois courts do not consider any parental conduct that does not involve their relationship with the child when making custody awards. Illinois courts have the presumption that both parents should have maximum involvement regarding the physical, mental, moral, and emotional well being of the child. In Illinois, both parents have an equal right to child custody. There is also no presumption in favor of or against joint custody in the state of Illinois. check to learn more.

Child Support and Visitation in Illinois

In Illinois, the court follows the income percentages model to determine a reasonable amount of child support to be paid.  In most cases, it is calculated using the following guidelines:  one child is 20% of the supporting party’s net income, two children are 28%, three children are 32%, four children are 40%, five children are 45%, and six or more children are 50%. In Illinois, if the non-custodial spouse violates the visitation order, you may file an order to hold him or her in contempt of the court. check to learn more.