2013 Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines


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2013 Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines

PWP Attorneys Rachel Arndt and Andy Perkins explain the 2013 modifications to the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines.

Free Legal Aid provides useful information about child custody. In addition to the video here, be sure you check out other resources.

Child Custody and Visitation in Indiana

In Indiana, the distinction between sole and joint custody is very important. A “joint” custody award means the parties will share custody to some degree. But a “sole” custody award means that one parent is given all or most rights. Check to learn more.

General Information About Child Custody

The court will decide what is in the best interests of the child. The court does not assume that either the mother or father will be the better custodial parent. When parents are married to each other, each parent has equal rights to custody of the child. Check to learn more.

Indiana Child Custody

Based on the Indiana Code Title 31 - Article 17, Chapter 2-8 through 2-13, "[t]he court shall determine child custody and joint legal custody and enter a custody order in accordance with the best interests of the child factors. Check to learn more.

Indiana Child Custody Factors

In Indiana, the court shall consider all relevant factors when making a custody award, including the following: (1) The age and sex of the child. (2) The wishes of the child’s parents. (3) The wishes of the child, with more consideration given to the child’s wishes if the child is at least fourteen (14) years of age. Check to learn more.